How to solve this error: Device limit reached

I have an issue since long time, i can’t connect verify brave to uphold (Error: Device limit reached), i’m using Brave creator too but that is connected and verified except brave rewards.

How I can solve this issue.

another question, if Brave using uphold as a wallet so why Brave offering your own Wallet to be used.

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You can try to contact support at this link
Wallet unlinking request form

I have sent two messages and I did not receive a response, I wish you good luck.


Brave is doing away with linking limits. Hopefully soon. I’ve seen various projected dates for release, including by the end of March, at least on Nightly, but nothing definitive. It is considered back-end work so won’t be tied to a release number.

I don’t know if they will post anything for all the users who have reached device limits, including those who have already submitted unlinking requests. Maybe those users will be notified by email or some other means. Maybe those users will “magically” be able to connect after implementation. Who knows.

You can track project progress using the link below.


I am facing the same issue
How can we solve it?

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The same problem for me to, come on Brave sort this out !!!

@CitizenZ @Safal There are two ways to fix that problem.

Option 1. Contact brave support indicating the problem and the request for unlinking.
In this link

In my case it takes two weeks

Option 2. Wait for the brave update that removes device limitation
There is no specific date, but it is assumed that in April this update would arrive.

I hope I can help you.


Thanks for your reply :+1:

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I am also facing the same problem since long time

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