How to set a main password?


is there way to set a main password like Firefox ?


@UbuntuUser I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you’re referring to something that will come up that requires a password to open the browser, nothing like that exists.

In terms of a password to see your passwords and all, Brave uses your OS keyring. In other words, you would be asked to type in your user password for the device you’re using. If you have multiple people using the same device, then you would want to create multiple user accounts and not share the same user account with them.

And in terms of Sync, there’s a custom sync phrase for each profile that gets created. This is accessible by anyone with access to your browser. So in the same fashion, you’d want to make sure if you’re worried about that information being accessible by someone on your device, then you’d want to make sure you’re setting up different user accounts for the OS.

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Brave use my OS keyring, I didn’t know. Thanks @Saoiray

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