Define which Brave profile opens links from which desktop client

I’m not sure if this feature already exists; maybe its discoverability is just very low.

Requested feature:
Allow users to define which Brave profile always opens links from desktop clients A, B and C. And which other profile always opens links from desktop clients X, Y, and Z.

I get messages with links to Jira from my colleagues on Slack, messages with links to many platforms from friends on Discord or Whatsapp, and more. I use Outlook for work and Spark for my personal email.

To sort things a bit, I have a Brave profile for work, one for everything gaming, one for family stuff, etc.

Currently, the latest active Brave profile opens the link you clicked in an external desktop client (Slack, Discord, etc.). This means, for example, if I click on a link from a colleague in Slack pointing to a Jira page:

  • I need first to find the professional profile.
  • Refresh any page that it had open so it’s detected as the last active profile
  • And only then I can go back to Slack and click the Jira link so it opens in that profile’s window.

If I don’t go through that whole process each time, the links I click in a professional context may open in the personal profile’s window simply because I just selected a playlist on Spotify using that profile. The same story goes the other way.

I could, of course, login to all platforms and all Brave profiles once and for all. But that would kill the point of having profiles.


I also have this problem, I use one profile for work and another for personal stuff. I try not to mix cache data between corporate sites I use for work and sites I use for entertainment.