How to remove Qwant? (it is not a good search engine concerning privacy)


In Tor navigation, Qwant is the default search but it is not a good search engine concerning privacy.
There are several cases concerning the boss of Qwant and the French gov.

In private mode, it’s Google.

Please, how to change the both navigation mode by another search engine (like DDG)?

The default search engine for Tor windows is DuckDuckGo.

On new tab page of private windows there’s an option to browse with DDG, just turn it on.

Thanks for your replies.

I’m on Ubuntu, it seems to me that it’s me who had set the search engines for the different navigation modes. But I don’t find where (except for the default setting of the search engine in normal navigation).

@Annonymous please, where is this option?

When I change the default engine on private mode, that change only for normal navigation mode.
Qwant is always the default search engine on the Tor navigation en Google on the private navigation.

I don’t see this option in tor window, but there is duckduckgo default by default.

As an addition to @Annonymous solution, if you’re not going to use a Search Engine you could remove them all together.

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I have removed Qwant but when I restart Brave, Qwant is again in the search engines list and the default search engine in incognito mode. I don’t have DDG option in incognito mode:

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Can you try making one of your other search engines your default before deleting Qwant – then try removing it from the list?

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