Allow Fully Functioning Privacy Focused Search Engine That Does Not u-se or enable google + search engines/algorithms/servers To Be Willing.And.Able Be Set As Global Default All Versions of Brave All Platforms That Support Tor Private Browsing W

I Have Had No Speed Issues, No Bug Issues, No Privacy Issues From Over Two (2) Years Ago To Right Now In The Present Mom-ent, You Are The Gift So Share Your Unique All of This Universe And All Universes and Realities. Now, Back To Topic. :wink:

All-Most All WebSites Work Fine In Brave Windows Tor Private Browsing Windows/Tabs - Utilit-y-i-sing Privacy Focused Search Engine Which Does Not Use Google search engines, algorithms or servers. One of a Very Few exclusive “club” of websites I Have Not Been Able And Willing To (JUST-)US-e is “” - its “” Gave: “Error 462 Not allowed. Not allowed… etc. etc.”, as shown in this Link at notFreedomnotPrivacy…Web Folder Direct-ly Link and Specific-Ally In The Image Link THisStory As-Above-So-Below Second (2nd) Link Here:

Strangely Enough I Found The “Error 462 Not allowed. Not allowed… etc. etc.” (just)US-e-ing The Following Search Terms.of.service:

Using search engine Does Not Say Exactly the Extent of What Information They Collect/Trans-Mit In An-y Way, And We All Know, As We Know, How IT Goes, When The Emperor Has No Clothes There Is No Trans-Paren-t-cy in Busi-Ness(-mess-)es and GovCorps Such As Here . :slight_smile:

I Utility-i-sed Tor Private Browsing Windows/Tabs In Brave Windows Release Version 2 Years A-Go Up Un( Now With No Speed Issues, No Bug Issues, No Privacy Issues and one of a Very Few exclusive “club” of websites such as lifewire(

Please Pro-Vide An Option To Change The Default Search Engine For Tor Private Browsing Windows/Tabs For All Versions of Brave On All Platforms That Utilit-y-ise Tor Private Browsing Windows/Tabs, from To, Or Even Better, Change The Default Search Engine In Tor Private Browsing Mode To

I Know For a Fact That uses |Search Engine Algorithms Eve-n Though They “say” That They Don’t Collect IP Information or Logs that Could Be Passed Directly or Later On To Google. And duckduck.for.cover.go Does Not Say Exactly The Extent of What Information They Collect or Trans-Mit, And We All Know As We Know How That Goes When There Is No Trans-Paren-t-cy.

Now Steven Lynch Abundance That I AM.

In A Juicy Nut-Shell With A Nut Inside, No Issues WhatSoFOREver For In.ThisWorld.But.Not.Of.IT So It Would/Will Be Great To Be Able To Set Qwant As Default For All Tor Private Browsing Windows/Tabs To Utilit-y-ise Privacy Focused Search Engine Which Does Not u-se or Supp-ort google or its search engines, algorithms or servers!

I En-Courage You To Read as “Back”-On.The.“Ground”/Boots.on.The.Ground./Back-Ground/“Background” For The Remain-d-eer Of This Post, On The Topic of Privacy, Freedom, Practical-(No.Civility.In.The.City)-ity, More Freedom, Privacy and Honour:

Here’s Re-Cent Posts I Made I AM In-The.World.But.Not.Of.It On Twatter and Fyreplace App Using WildFyre Network That I Made And

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"Steven Lynch @StevenLynch111 Mar 18 [CLARIFICATION: My Time]
Replying to @Uber_Support @Uber @Uber_Australia

PHYSICAL distancing IS required, SOCIAL distancing in the age of fairly UBIQUITOUS INTERNET access Is NOT!

Btw, why haven’t you replied to my tweet to you over 7 hours ago? I’ve tried to use your app but


'Steven Lynch @StevenLynch111 Mar 18 [CLARIFICATION: My Time]
Replying to @StevenLynch111 @Uber_Support @Uber @Uber_Australia


  1. Wash hands [EDIT: Thorough-ly].

  2. Cough/sneeze/blow nose into tissues and dispose of them without unneccessary touching of the tissues and use disposable items (cups. etc) whenever possible.

  3. Stay Out of fear - you make better decisions, keep immunity/systems strong."


4: SHARE with Fellow Human Beings, Our Fellow Earth Brothers and Sisters! ]

"Governments around the world, please make a recommendation to have All lift buttons and other
massively touched Items cleaned at least once a day.
Simple thing that would make a big difference.
#HumanBEings #Health #Practical #government #rules
#DoNoHarm #HippocraticOath #LawFul

7:52 AM · Mar 19, 2020·Twidere for Android (Deprecated)"

There’s a difference between the ordinary people, the ordinary human beings, and the government and the corporatocracy and the control structure. In Australia, as of two days ago or so, We’ve had 8 “CONFIRMED”/“official” DEATHS. The LameStreamMedia is acting like a headless chook and our so-called "Gov"Corp is not even recommending to wash buttons
and things that are touched hundreds or thousands of times each day!

“COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” is REGISTERED as a “CORPORATION” on the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( website:

AFAIK All “countries” and “governments” are registered on the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“” website) as “CORPORATIONS”. Some are harder to find such as what relates to the “country” known as the UK and the the “state” known as the EU but they will be recorded somewhere.

90% of the media companies in the world are owned by 6 CORPORATIONS, so is it any wonder why GOV/CORP treats us like employees and pushes propaganda and fear porn at every opportunity. THEY ARE NOT LIKE US.

Remember 8 CONFIRMED DEATHS! Say that China has about 10x the population of Australia (just roughly, it is likely more than that). Very recently within the last four days there was 3000 or more “CONFIRMED”/“official” DEATHS. So per capita if we had the same level of deaths then we would have at least 300 deaths.

It went up from 5 to 8 in a day or two, but That Is No-Where Near 300!

Are all these reactions based on Facts? Or just Negative Ego Control Matrix! “The Matrix” was not a “science fiction” movie it was a DOCUMENTARY. BTW: if it’s in “science fiction” it is all-ready conceptualised and “The Matrix” may have All-Ready Develop-ed These Technologies.

Have you had a look at those tweets I’ve posted and the responses to these very sensible PRACTICAL ideas?