How can I change the default 'search engine' in a TOR tab (defaults to Google)

I use Qwant as my search engine in Brave, but when in a TOR tab, searches default to Google.

Is there a way to change it?

afaik, if you’re using brave’s tor, it defaults to duck duck go when using tor. Are you accessing tor on brave using File > New Private Window with Tor?

@megaspaz Yes I am (either from the File dropdown or the button on the far right of the URL line). So why is Google picking up all the searches?

And since Google blocks anything that comes through TOR, those search specs only return error messages, of course. IOW, there’s no point in using Google for searches in TOR.

But… I enter a search spec in the URL field, hit Enter and immediately appears in the URL line –

– with the above string appended by the actual search terms.

This smells of a bad extension to me… once, when I was using chrome, a couple years ago and google as the default search, I had an youtube downloader extension that changed the search to yahoo even if I set the default search in the UI to google. I 86’ed that extension when I found out it was the culprit. Now I don’t know if that happened to you, but it sure sounds like what I had… So, check your extensions, because technically I don’t think you’re even supposed to be able to change the search engine used when using tor on brave…

Exactly. There’s no separate setting to do that. Duck Duck Go is built in and afaik can’t be changed.

My only extensions are three window/tab managers, the Evernote web clipper and Fireshot to take full-page screenshots.

The first 4 of those 5 have been in longstanding use so I don’t think they would suddenly have this effect.

Hard to see how a screenshot extension could either but I’ll disable it just to make sure.


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