Being able to change default search engines from DuckDuckGo in a Tor instance

Recently the CEO of DuckDuckGo has made statements about censoring their search results based on political affiliations here so I just want a way to change the default search engine in the Tor windows since I do not trust DDG anymore.

They already did it on Nightly. As you can see here, it even has a new UI.
It uses Brave Search and uses an onion for the URL so it’s not like with DDG where it was normal website.
So it looks like a good change and what you ask for, so it should be on Stable soon, since it’s been a while since I saw it in the commits.

You should know that DDG was always fishy, it had tons of red flags about privacy and censorship, I saw twice how they were doing censorship.
First, images, because someone complained about how ‘offensive’ they were so DDG changed them even if they were technically the higher ranked ones.

Also they censored, the funny thing is you could see it as first result in searx, of course they said it was a mistake but nah, they were hopeful nobody would notice.

They also remove sites, which, you agree with it or not, they should be there. Stormfront is the most perfect example of it. so Yes, they have always manipulated results.

They also use Bing, so what do you expect?

Anyway, Gabriel Weinberg had in 2006 literally a company/page that would grab and sell people’s information, their android app would send everyone’s typed URLs to their servers, and many issues with privacy and censorship through the years.

I am glad they finally show the world how bunch of clowns they are so they people can stop using them and focus on supporting Brave Search and others that are not perfect but are better. I mean, many donations DDG made were already questionable, so all your searches would fund organizations that would pretty much say they fight for your privacy but it was all spreading agendas that had little to do with privacy.

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