Vein recognition is a biometric technology that uses infrared light to scan and map the unique patterns of veins in a person’s hand or finger.

It is considered to be more secure than traditional biometrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition, as the patterns of veins in a person’s hand are difficult to replicate or falsify.

It can be integrated into existing systems or applications. Some devices may have already integrated it. It is highly secure, patterns of veins in a hand are unique and cannot be easily replicated or falsified.

It can prove that a person is not a computer bot and differentiate between persons without revealing a person’s real identity.

It is considered to be more hygienic than other forms of biometrics, as it does not require direct contact with a person’s skin. It requires blood flow to operate one can’t cheat via a photo.

By using a combination of Vein biometric, Passwords( the biometric as password itself in which case i would recommend either cancellable biometric system), Web IDs, Zero-Knowledge Proofs for privacy and security. It is possible to create a highly secure and private and Decentralized Digital Identity/ login that is god level sigma.

Thus such power of a private identity will empower people and will solve problems of fake accounts, hate speech, sybil attacks, distributing public resources, deep fakes, voting, UBI etc.

However, vein recognition technology is still relatively new, and has some limitations such as the cost of the technology, as the infrared scanners required to scan and map the patterns of veins in a person’s hand are relatively expensive. It is not yet widely available either, and it may be difficult to find a device that is compatible with the technology.

This system can be an additional alternative option for login/identification for now until it becomes widespread then it would be the primary option.

As of now this biometric is the best (or in my language pure sigma) and also trust-less, you can search online all searches praise this system compared to face, finger, iris recognition.

Whoever develops, kindly keep the code open source as this technology is for the welfare of the entire society and fulfiles my vision for a truly Decentralized society where all are sigma .

Brave and Proof of Humanity should definitely do this. For they will be sigma.

Priyanshu Joshi (also known as sigma)

I really appreciate this contribution.
Anything that helps us fighting against hacking, scamming, impersonating is very welcome.


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Thanks sibling,
vein recognition if you check the internet articles all of them say it is the best, as it is hard to replicate, not exposed, probably comes with automatic liveness detection, is probably achievable now or maybe in the future when it becomes more widespread (i think one smartphone provided this feature, i saw it on YouTube), can be used as a password, confirms proof of existence and uniqueness, doesn’t give your identity away (zero knowledge proof can make it more secure but are they even necessary), this system is just pure sigma.