I built a decentralized social network on IPFS. Brave partnership / integration? AMA

Three years ago, I started prototyping a fully distributed multi-media social graph on top of IPFS. It was originally written in JS using electron and Vue for the front end.

It worked well enough, but I felt constrained by the technology stack, so I recently decided re-written it from scratch, using Tauri (electron equivalent in Rust) and svelte.

You can check out the code if you feel so inclined:

Alright, now with context established…

Early on in development, it occurred to me that Brave browser would be a perfect candidate for integration. It already supports/bundles IPFS and has/is an html/CSS and javascript engine. The two fundamental components of identia… But that’s just a side thought really.

I have a day job and work on identia in my free time, but my goal is to be able to work on it full time. I have a huge list of cool functionality that I plan on implementing, and the list is always growing.

The new version isn’t quite ready for use by the average user yet as the UI is seriously clunky and there aren’t any pre-compiled binaries yet, but these issues are among my top priorities, and should be addresses in the next couple months.

Does this sound interesting to anyone?
Feel free to share your thoughts and/or ask any questions you may have.
Also, feel free to contribute to my work if you so desire. Links @ the GitHub repo.