Is it counterproductive to install privacy extensions in Brave?

Description of the issue:

Does installing extensions alter my fingerprint in Brave, or does Brave’s FP protection take care of that?

Would I be shooting myself in the foot if I install, say, uBO, Decentraleyes, HTTPSe and a webRTC patcher thus making my fingerprint way more unique than that of most Brave users?

Sorta related: is it recommended that I keep the same window size and position from startup like in FF and Tor for fingerprint protection? They don’t seem to change between startups.

Ubo has some features that we dont have, but the need for Decentraleyes (maybe) and HTTPSe isn’t really needed.

That does not answer my question though. Does Brave’s FP protection hide the extensions that are installed? In other words, is installing uBo (or any other extension) going to hurt my privacy by changing my fingerprint?

Also, what’s your reasoning for this one:

but the need for Decentraleyes (maybe) and HTTPSe isn’t really needed.

Those extensions will work fine in Brave, just somewhat redundant if functionality is built in.

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I know they will work fine. Could you re-read my question please? I’m not asking whether they will work or not or how redundant they would be.

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Your unique fingerprint depends on how much you stand out from every other user. Best practices like keeping your browsing window in default size is a good idea across all browsers. For example, the type of screen resolution that you have could, potentially, identify your unique fingerprint based on the pixels. (This can separate you from many users with greater or lower resolution.) I think your FP will be not be affected negatively with the use of these extensions, meaning they won’t be counterproductive. :grin: Brave FingerPrinting is used to control certain fingerprinting techniques like canvas, audio/video, and ip leakage. Check out some details here FP Hope this help! :+1:

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