How to connect my uphold in moblie

I can’t connect my uphold in brave browser in mobile and also i don’t get my reward in may

Same question, how I can connect Uphold from android mobile?

@davidubaldo02 @tareqmonir1 you can’t. Wallet verification is only available for desktop. Mobile support is coming.

All BAT you claimed on mobile will be depositing to your in-browser wallet – BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

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how can i withdraw it?

You can’t. For now @davidubaldo02.:point_up: No wallet verification, mean no ability to connect your Uohold account, mean no withdrawal ability.

oh ok thanks for your response

How about this?it means its not linked from my android to uphold wallet?

Thats why I have grants in that triangle…like this

But may april Bat doesnt show on my grants…and its all gone now…is there a possibility that it will soon add up on my grants?

how you link your uphold

It was first on the computer,then I Download the app…and tried to sign in then i receive an email confirming if it was me…then i just tap the yes confirmation then i can now access my uphold…I remember Synchronizing my android to the computer…but admin says that it still be deposit on that triangles…that why i have grants…it still no use for me…

No @Maryjoy1982 @davidubaldo02. That’s account for publishers. And it’s not related to user in-browser wallet brave:rewards. Again, there’s no ability to connect mobile wallet to Uphold account.

It’s shown on your BAT triangle icon. Which is in-browser wallet. If you see on your Uphold account, it’s not there.

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Ok admin,so we’ll just wait till android will have an access to the uphild…thank you

Can you tell me why I don’t get any ads on my laptop?

Good afternoon sir, its been a week since I lost my Bat Ads rewards…it never reflects on my grants unlike the past 2 mos Im ising android for Brave…thank you

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