How to completely hide fingerprinting and become anonymous?

Description of the issue:

I want to use twitter anonymously and do not want them to have any information regarding anything. I am using VPN but I know browsers have unique fingerprint so VPN is not good enough. I am using brave with “Device Recognition Attempts Blocked” and ran a test on Panopriclick and it still came back “your browser has a nearly-unique fingerprint”

I was expecting I could totally go anonymous and untraceable but the results don’t seem positive. Can anyone help me here?

Also, as a side note, it’s not for any criminal activity but circumstances around me has spooked me a bit like hacker tracking me and misusing my account.

MacOS 10.15.2 ; Brave 1.1.23

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No responses yet? Anyone help

Hey, thanks for writing in! Can you send me a screenshot of your current Shields settings?

If you check the full breakdown in Panopticlick, what comes up? It might just be catching the user agent.


Thanks for responding. Here are the screenshots:

what happened mate? I am still waiting for a response.

I have no ability to fix this, but by my understanding it’s your canvas fingerprint, not just user-agent. Albiet by going to chrome webstore, you’ll notice it recognizes brave. That’s because of user-agent as well, so I think @Asad was onto something by user-agent, but not just useragent, but a tandem of user-agent and canvas fingerprint

This post deserves more attention in my opinion. Sorry this probably didn’t help, but maybe this will get some recognition to this.

@AsAboveSoBelow @back1account related

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