Fingerprinting resistance against

In their own commentary on brave browser, the company has this to say:

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[Brave] is a privacy-focused browser based on Chromium. For our purposes, it behaves similarly to Chrome with a strict ad-blocking extension installed. That means it blocks the agent-download and identification requests to Fingerprint CDN and API.

To reliably identify Brave users, you need to use a cloud proxy integration like [Cloudflare), [CloudFront] or [Azure]. Using a proxy integration allows you to route Fingerprint HTTP requests through your own domain, which prevents Brave from blocking them. See Protecting the JavaScript agent from ad-blockers for more details.
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Is it really that easy to break brave’s fingerprinting resistance?

These online tests are a scam and don’t represent real world browsing, just like adblocker tests are useless, these fingerprinting ones are useless too, especially this one, which wants to sell you ‘something’.

So stop believing in these fairy tales, and actually research how Fingerprinting works and how this will never be used in ‘real world’ by companies trying to track you and know about you or whatever they are using fingerprinting for.

But anyway, read this: by Brave’s VP of Privacy Engineering and Senior Privacy Researcher

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