How to completely disable DoH on brave? (M/D + PiHole)

Hi all, on my home network i’m using PiHole as DNS filter and as you may imagine this conflicts with DoH used by brave. First of all, this happens both on my mobile and desktop installation (Kubuntu 18.04). I’ve already checked out the flag brave://flags/#dns-over-https both in the mobile version (which is set to default) and in the desktop version where actually result “Unavailable” for my platform.

Now, from my pihole logs i can’t see any dns query made by brave browser so i’m guessing this is because they are encrypted and sent to directly from the browser itself. How can this be avoided? I want to start DoH from my PiHole after unwanted dns queries has been filtered out.

Is my supposition right or the lack of brave’s dns queries on my PiHole depends by something else? Of course dns queries sent by Chrome from the same client appears on the list.

Many thanks.

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