How to Add Top Site To Start Page

I just downloaded Brave 1.14.81 to my Macbook Air and love the speed over Safari. When I clicked a new tab it brought up the start page with two Top Sites I had visited. I then clicked the pin button on the tabs so they would stay there. But what I don’t understand is that I can’t do that with other sites I have gone to. They don’t show up on the start page for me to pin them. It only did that with the Brave Help Center and 1 other site I visited. How can I get other top sites I visit to show up on the Brave start page? I noticed on the board this wasn’t possible as of June, but is it possible now?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Description of the issue:
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  1. Clicking on New Tab

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Oh, this is weird. After force quitting Brave and restarting the sites I visited where there when I clicked a new Tab!! I just pinned them so it seems force quitting solves the issue. Can it be done manually though?

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