“always” have Leo activated

Hi! I decided to post here too, because I didnt got any response from Reddit.

I have the Icon to activate Leo on the right side of my screen inside Brave.
It have worked flawless when I decided I want to ask Leo something.

However, I dont want to “remind” myself I have access to Leo every now and then, so the Question is:

Is there any settings I can enable in either brave://flags, or in the more traditional settings where I can change so Leo is “always“ activated whenever I decide to open a new tab? Instead of me clicking the Leo “icon“?

@GnenoTheGnome Leo is part of your sidebar. So you just would change your sidebar to be active at all times.

Go to SettingsAppearance and scroll down to it. You would want the Always option and it will keep the sidebar up.

Yoo @saoiray ! Thank you for the reply.

I know I have that option already, thank you!

But what I mean is, whenever I click the “+” as in + = new tab, I want Leo to be opened up automatically next to the sidebar you showed me in your Picture.

So, instead of having “only” that sidebar with the Icons, I want Leo to always be ”opened”, so I dont forget I have that option.

Does this makes better sense?

Edit (1) added a Question ::

Do you think you would like a “feature” like this? @Tritonio

I wouldn’t keep it always open myself because I need the screen real estate. I use a lot of shortcuts so I just do Ctrl+T, type a URL, enter, and then Ctrl+B if I need Leo. :slight_smile: I would love to have even more customizable shortcuts for it though. Oh and if you have Leo in the address bar (I have it disabled in my address bar) you can also ask Leo directly there as if the sidebar is open. While you are on any page, press F6, type a question and press down arrow till you select Leo (or maybe up arrow once?), then enter to open the sidebar and ask Leo. It used to work in the past when I tried it.

Hmm, you might be right about the “screen real estate”.

I guess I’ll have to adjust my usage to use Ctrl+B every now and then till (maybe) Brave has a toggle-ability for Leo for always being “on”.

Thank you for pointing out I can get Leo in the Address bar! I didnt know that.

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