How set brave Aggressive fingerprint default

i want all sites have aggressive fingerprint shields

possible here use some flags for example or other tool?

doesn’t this appears in the beta version?


android version not have this option, but thx for reply.

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oh sorry, I didn’t notice the android tag :sweat_smile:

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is normal, u want join and this +rep! :wink:

Hi @tagd0tbutl0t, I’m using Release v1.22.69 and I know you’ve filed this under Android Beta, but don’t you have something similar to this in Beta?

I know it doesn’t say Global, but I did a little experiment. I changed site A to strict and when I opened a new tab for site B, it was also set to strict (seemingly acting globally). However, when I switched back to standard on site B and revisited site A (in a new tab), it had remained at strict level, and required me to manually set it back to standard.

Anyway, it’s interesting :upside_down_face:

Edit, I toggled the setting in the browser’s settings
and I visited twenty favourite sites to check their settings - a few were set at standard, the rest at strict. So it’s become puzzling to me as well as interesting now. :laughing:

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i have this but default is not aggressive, i need set this for any visited site set personal, but while i set this fingerprint leave from me :slight_smile:

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Hello, created this account just to provide you with a solution but you need a rooted phone. Locate the data folder of the Brave Browser app then find a file named Preferences inside the default profile folder, it should be at this location /data/data/com.brave.browser/app_chrome/Default
Open it with any text editor then find


Then edit it to look like this


You can also set the AdBlock to Aggressive the same way in the same file, a setting which is not available in the app UI at all, so I don’t know if it has any effect, anyway find


Then edit it to look like this


Be aware that this contains individual AdBlock and Fingerprinting Protection settings for every site you’ve set before, JSON format, so be careful editing it as you may lose sites settings, the "*,*" is a wildcard I guess for every site and the key setting here is "setting":2

Cheers :grinning:

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