Connect Subdomain

Hello, I am the administrator of, I would like to add the website to publishers brave but will not let me verify it because it is already verified

How can I connect this subdomain?


Hi @dhormigo, I’m to cc @Asad and @chriscat for information on this one.


Thank you very much

@Mattches From what I understand, if you’ve verified the main domain (, then any attention to a subdomain will count towards the main domain. So, will count towards Therefore, if you’ve verified and own, then you should be gathering any contributions that come by way of the subdomains.

I may be mistaken, but I believe this is the case.

I thought the same thing, but when doing a test I do not see that the site is added for contributions.

sorry for my English

Anyone? Please. I need this.

Hi @dhormigo,

You mentioned doing a test – what exactly did you try?

Keep in mind that it may take 24 hours for the verified publishers list to update.

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