How do you troubleshoot tab sync failure?

I have had the browser sync open tabs in the past, but currently it doesn’t want to work. Is there a way to force a sync or see error messages when a sync can’t be performed?

I recently opened a web page on Android and wanted to read it on the Windows desktop browser (which I have done plenty of times in the past) and the desktop just shows “No tabs from other devices”.

  • I have tried closing the browser on both platforms one at a time and reopening.
  • I tried opening multiple new tabs on Android to see if any would sync to the desktop.
  • Both devices show up in the other’s sync settings and the sync chain wording matches.
  • The sync settings for both devices are set to sync all.
  • Both devices are on the same LAN, so speed shouldn’t be an issue.
  • I Waited thirty minutes and still no tabs from the Android showing up on the desktop browser.

Desktop browser is version: 1.62.153
Android browser is version: 1.62.152

What else can be done to troubleshoot the lack of tab syncing?

You might find something useful in the sync-internals page: brave://sync-internals/

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