Create a post include support member with there support area

Hello everyone

hope that everything going fine with all of you

based on that comment

i think it would be better as @JohnDproof suggested to have a post or away to know who is responsible for what so at least the people in the community know who to tag for which issue specially there are new team member joined recently

so at least we give steveen and mattches a little break loool

thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

This is a very nice thought – that said, at this time, we are still training everyone in each area of the product and prefer for the time being that nobody should have “specialities” at this time. If any new team members begin to lean or specialize in one area or another, we will inform the Community.

Thank you again for thinking about us and trying to make life easier (you already do!) :slight_smile:

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you welcome and good luck for everyone

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