Live Caption from Chrome


I wonder if you guys will add Live Caption from Chrome latest stable build over to Brave (desktop)? Accessibility is also important for those who are deaf and hard of hearing.

It pretty much have been 2 months, any news on when you guys adding this? This would have to be on Brave Desktop version on Windows

Replying to this hoping for more visibility for the Brave developers. I’m profoundly deaf and recently migrated to Brave from Chrome without realising that I’d lose the live captioning, it’s very useful for me on sites like Twitter, Instagram and many more sites that doesn’t offer live captioning or transcription natively.

I wish to support close caption in Brave as in Chrome. It would be nice to operate regardless to which website or video playback it operates on and easy to turn on or off in case certain website do have CC feature. It would be very nice to work on conference call as well. I’m also HoH (cochlear implant surgery next week)

I would like to boost this feature request! I am also hard of hearing and am constantly struggling to find a way to have live captions online - this would be amazing!

I have asked for a progress status update but they removed my message. Not sure why they do that. I sure others would find closed caption very useful and yes it would be amazing.