How do I turn off top stories in brave search

I’ve been using brave search for a while now but today I noticed a disturbing new feature. While browsing on desktop I’ve noticed a “Top Stories” tab. I find this feature very distressing. I make a point of avoiding news in most contexts, and seeing clickbaity msm articles at the top of my search results is a deal breaker for me. If I wanted news, I would use the news tab. I would normally just turn this off but I don’t see an obvious option, which I would expect for such a disruptive feature. I’ve switched back to duck duck go for now, but I’m hoping there will be a way to turn this off soon because I was really liking brave search.

Brave Version: 159.120
Linux: PopOs

Yes. Top Stories isn’t a bad feature, but there should be an option to disable it in Settings.

Where do you see that? I am not seeing it on mine. Here’s what I’m seeing on a search when I just tried:

From there it was all normal search results. I had Discussions turned off before, but it seems it somehow reactivated. Guessing the cookie got deleted. You can disable that in settings, which I just did again:

@Saoiray you have to search for a more “newsy” term.

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Oddly, in my example above, the Top Stories weren’t even about Joe Biden. I guess Brave Search has some magic sauce that detects if you search for something news-related, then dishes up top stories that may either be about your search subject or about something it deems relevant enough to display? :person_shrugging: