Sending your BAT (Brave Rewards) to your Coinbase Account/(Bitcoin Wallet)

Find your wallet address for depositing Bitcoin (Coinbase Wallet) copy this address.
Next login to your Uphold account and click on the Brave BAT Card that has all your BAT. Click on withdraw funds. Next you will see options for sending the BAT. Bank acct, someones email address, ect, click on send to cryptocurrency. You will have a few fields to fill out first how much you want to send (your $ amount will auto convert the total in BAT) as well as type of currency you want to send it to. Click on <Bitcoin Network>(your Coinbase Account) then click preview withdraw. The next page will have your total BAT you are sending, your choice of destination, and next it will ask you the address for your destination (your Coinbase wallet address) Paste your Coinbase Wallet address in the destination field, click submit withdraw, then wait and in 15-30 minutes your BAT will be in your Coinbase wallet. The BAT auto swaps with Bitcoin within the Uphold client just before you authorize the withdrawal of your BAT. Any questions let me know!! Wes

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