How do I stop the Brave download pop-up ad?

I keep getting this very annoying pop-up ad continually appearing on my screen. It’s especially annoying when it comes in the middle of a game, as I have to stop the game in order to press the “maybe later” button, and then I can restart my game!
Now I was thinking about trying your web browser, but this form of aggressive advertising is definitely putting me off.
And NO downloading in order to stop the pop-up is not an answer!

If you can add a screenshot or recording of the issue so we can see what shown on your end?

And your OS, and Brave version too.

I do not use Brave on my PC and my OS is Windows 10

To make it clear:

  • you don’t have Brave installed on your device
  • but you get a recommendation notification about Brave

Am I correct?

Yes, that is correct. Having this pop up so often, is making me want not to install Brave, rather than to take a look at it.
I do not like this kind of hard sell or having my computer hacked in order to place an advert on it!
How do I get rid of it?

You were not hacked. Since you have not installed the browser, there is something else on your PC that is sending that advertisement. Do you by chance have the Epic Games store/launcher running?

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I don’t have the Epic Games store/launcher!

I just noticed that it appears to be connected to Free VPN, so the question is how do I get rid of this pop up? Must I remove Free VPN? Or is there a way through the software to shut it down?

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