How do I remove the extension Google Sheets?

How do I remove the extension Google Sheets?

Every time I remove it, it re-installs itself.

Every time I delete the folder it’s in, I get an error at launch.

I use Excel and Access, 100% of the time, without exception…And I have real moral and ethical issues with Google as a company.

google sheets

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For starters I would avoid deleting any folders, at least at this stage.

Any idea how this extension got installed in the first place? It’s not installed with Brave by default, at least as far as I know. So it’s likely that something else installed it, and may be continuing to install it.

Do you have Google Drive installed?

Also, is any antivirus or other security software installed? You should probably run a full scan, and an offline scan if possible, in case this is being planted maliciously and could even be a fake extension.

Not a clue! And what’s weirder is that I completely removed Brave 2 days ago (while everyone on Chromium was experiencing that crashing issue.) and installed it from scratch. And it re-appeared.

Only antivirus I have is Window Defender.

I have a google drive account, but I don’t have the app installed locally. Only Chrome and Google Earth.

Thanks for the idea! I will try.

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