Unrecognised extension not getting removed on Brave Browser for Windows

I have been trying to remove an unrecognized extension that is opening websites without my consent but am not able to remove it, because every time I remove it, it comes back again. I have had got my pc infected recently and used Anti Virus to clean it. Here’s a screenshot of my extension page.
It’s name is yEmbededFree

Sounds like you might have to manually remove the extension from your computer’s registries.

Take a look at my reply in the thread below, and try to find the appropriate directories. I’m running an old version of Windows so won’t be able to tell you the exact path to the directories.

P.S I just found an article that describes the exact path:

Check the following directories:


Hey, Thanks bro, I deleted the extension folder from both registry locations as you mentioned, but nothing seems to happen.:frowning:

After you deleted extension’s folder from the registries, remove it once again at brave://extensions. It shouldn’t re-install itself if it was hidden in the registries.

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