How do I log in to my original Brave account on mobile?

Disclaimer: First please grant me some grace as I have severe ADHD and dyslexia, and it may be that I’m just missing something simple. I just want to sign in…

**When Brave rolled out its last update (every update, actually) I could not find where I could sign in or log in with my account information, or have my uphold account sync. Now it says there is a minimum amount needed to sync with Uphold, so I had to wait a month to see if the new rewards would be added, and I would have enough to make sure that Uphold was connected to this phone’s browser. Ok. That worked. Doesn’t show everything I’ve earned from the beginning, but fine.
But then I had to factory reset.

And reinstalled ALL my apps. And had to start my Brave rewards from the beginning again. Please just tell me how best to sign in? The sync feature didn’t work with my PC. It just erased everything I saved from the beginning on my PC to sync it to my phone’s amount.
The app just updated again. I attacheda screenshot. So my choice will be; start from zero on this browser,
or start from zero on another. I think I’m going to try the dark browser this time. :**

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Work for months with Brave browser. Back up often. Upgrade Brave when new update comes out
  2. Try scouring everything you can to sign in or sync your phone to get Brave browser to sync. Be terrified you may have made too many accounts.
  3. Profit? Wait, no…

I just want to know how to sign in, and sync all of my brave rewards to my main account:

Brave Version( check 1.11.105):

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Can there be a more obvious way to sign in with your account on mobile? :

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