How to connect same Uphold wallet to mobile device?

I recently downloaded Brave for my Android device and would like to use the same Uphold wallet I use for desktop… but I see no option to do so. Is there a way to connect an existing wallet? Can’t find it anywhere in the settings.

It’s the sync option

In Brave or Uphold? Where, specifically? Not seeing it.

Open brave tab. Go to settings. Scroll down to advanced. Below that is sync. Connect which devices you have.

Click Rewards triangle icon for the button. You’ll need 25 BAT in your Rewards wallet first.

@Reddishf0x Sync don’t sync Rewards data. 🤷

I had that previously. But whenever I update the app, it refreshes my account back to 0.0 again, and wants me to earn 25 again.

Interesting topic. I’m also looking for an answer.

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