How do I know if sync is working? Nothing seems to be happening

I turned on sync on my Linux Mint laptop, copied the Sync Code, and pasted it in Brave on a Windows pc of mine. “Sync everything” is checked on both yet in this Windows Brave, nothing seems to be happening? What am I missing?

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Did you mean you not see your browser data like bookmarks synced across devices?

Bookmarks, extensions, settings…nothing has changed.

Same here sync not working at all. Have done what the FAQ says but nothing. Tbh will probably have to find another browser if I can’t resolve this, sync is pretty key to me.

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In my experience, syncing is unreliable but when it works, it is complete in about a minute or two. If it doesn’t you have to leave the chain and try again. However, it usually fails to leave the chain. When that happens, on Linux I can delete the BraveSoftware directories inside of ~/.config/BraveSoftware and ~/.cache/BraveSoftware, then reboot, then launch Brave and try again. I have had to do this a few times to get it to work, but once it worked once, it tended to continue to work.

Before Brave Sync, I have used the Eversync extension and it worked pretty well. I would recommend storing passwords in a dedicated password manager anyway like Bitwarden. You can export passwords from Brave and import into Bitwarden.

On Windows it appears that this directory is at: