How do I find out which creators are supported by Brave?

Whats up guys! I’m a new user of Brave and I’m faced with the following question: how can I find creators who are supported by Brave and so that I can support them? Maybe this has already been discussed somewhere, but I haven’t fully understood this interface, so don’t judge too much

@bot9ra I’m assuming you mean how to know who is verified creators and can receive tips? Just clarifying because that’s different than saying Brave is supporting them.

You can see who is a verified Creator by paying attention to the sites you visit. If they are a Creator, the little Rewards triangle thing will have a check mark. It will look like image

Also when you click on that icon, it will show something like below:


On that it will show who the Creator is and if they are verified. Then it also gives you the option to Send Contribution, which is the tip you’d send.

There is not any official resource to show all Creators. That said, there is an unofficial resource that tries to update frequently, which is

Keep in mind that’s a volunteer project and is not official. What’s listed there may not be fully accurate, as it may be saying someone is Verified but their country lost support or something.

Again though, your best solution is to try to contact people making content that you enjoy and to encourage them to become a Creator so they can receive tips from you and others.

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Oh yeah I don’t mean that, I really appreciate it bro👌

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