How do I disable ad-blocker for Tubi

*I can’t Play Tubi from Brave. They say I need to disable my ad-blocker

Please click on the brave shields button in the URL bar → Click on the toggle switch in the shields drop down.

It is the Brave icon besides the Brave rewards BAT triangle. I’ve highlighted the button in my screenshot below.

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@rons22 What OS? What are your Shields settings? What version of Brave are you using?

If you’re on Desktop, I advise you try the below:

Then when you click on Content Filtering, make sure you have:

  • Fanboy Annoyance’s List
  • uBlock Annoyance List

I just visited Tubi and didn’t get the message you did. Everything played with no ads.

I checked Tubi, no anti-adblock seen on default lists. Are you using any other lists in brave://adblock?

There is a bait (which we don’t block). If the domain or “ads.js” is blocked could show a message.

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