How do I check my Brave rewards on mobile app?

How do I check my Brave rewards on mobile app?

there is a red triangle on the right side of the search bar, when you click on it you can see your balance

I did click on that but all it says is “brave rewards turn on to help support content creators”

It doesnt say anything about my balance. Any other ideas where it could be? I went through almost all settings

try to write this in the adress bar

maybe there you can see it

Hola, no recibo mi pago de abril a mi billetera de uphold. Dónde debo reclamar y como? Puede alguien ayudarme… gracias…

write a dm with your wallet id to the mods and explain you problem

Gracias, pero como sería eso? Ya que está todo en inglés? De dónde saco la dirección de mi billetera del móvil?

Still no good on that. super weird cause it works on both my computers just not my cell phone app

just write this in the url bar


that is really strange, try to contact one of the mods

I just downloaded brave a few weeks ago so this is new to me. How do i contact the mods? haha

write massage to @steeven or @Mattches

Hola, no recibo mi pago de Brave en uphold? Que está pasando? Cómo reclamo en la app Brave comunity? Alguien puede enviar un instructivo de como hacerlo? POR favor Gracias.

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