Where does my BAT of my Phone goes?


When the payment of the rewards occurs what will happen with this ?

I only got ads on the phone but it is not sync with my pc

What is gonna happen with the BAT?
Where is gonna be sent ? To uphold ? Or how ? Or will be lost ?


Kindly check your Ads, auto contribute, tips etc here chrome://rewards . check whether you contributed to someone or not? post chrome://rewards screenshot.

Hi, does the estimated Bat balance show on your phone?

@Xion Hi, does the estimated Bat balance show on your phone?

Yes, depending on what OS your phone uses, for android, you can see the estimated rewards by clicking on either the Brave Rewards icon (red triangle in the top right of the browser) or clicking on the “…” button for the more settings option. From that, you should see the “Brave Rewards” sub-menu. From there you should be able to see your estimated rewards.

Im unsure for IOS as i dont use it.

Hope this helps,

It’ll deposited to your brave:rewards wallet. You’ll receive a notification to claim your earning.

Wallet verification is coming to Android. iOS is coming later.

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