How display advanced view in parameters?

Description of the issue:
Once I succeed to parameter the use of the scroll wheel but I cannot remember how I did it.
I think it was in “Advanced view” but I cannot find now where is ‘Advanced view’

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Please can you explain me where are the parameters i look for
Thanks in advance

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@saintache Welcome to the community.

Sorry, but I do not understand your issue. Can you please provide more detail.

Is your scroll wheel not working (not scrolling) in Brave? Does it work in other browsers?

Are you looking for the windows mouse settings? Here is a snip of my mouse settings from system settings in win10. Is this what you are looking for?

As far as I know, Brave does not have any mouse setting parameters. Please provide more information on what you are trying to do. Thank-you.

Take care. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. It is not very easy to explain my issue.

In fact i’m just helping some frien to parameter his Brave application

To do this I’m trying to apply the same parameters that are on my own PC and that I had noticed on a word document

It was written that there was something to do with the scroll wheel

But looking in the paremeters list I cannot find anything related !

I don’t remember exactly why I had to make this change but without it the scroll wheel did not react in the same way

Perhaps it is more on the way the web page is displayed when it contains something which can be resumed or fully displayd ?

Sorry if all this stuff is not so clear. Hope it will remind something to you

Best regards





@saintache Sorry, but nothing sounds familiar or reminds me of anything. Maybe it was an experimental setting you enabled? You can find these options at brave://flags. You can enter “scroll” in the search bar to pull up related flags. Just be aware that changing these settings is usually not recommended.

I would try playing with the mouse wheel system settings especially the mouse wheel scroll options. Just make sure you note your original settings just in case you want to change them back!

Maybe another community member will pop in and can help. Hope so! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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