How "current" is the free version of Leo?

So first time using Leo and for certain questions, it was Great! I really liked it. I then asked simple questions like comparing the latest iPhone 15 with a Google Pixel and it had completely outdated specs for the iPhone 15. I asked about the release date of iPhone 15 and it says its not released yet! I asked when Leo was “updated” and it says “My training data is current as of December 29, 2023” (today).

How does this work, is it a few months or more out of sync with current data/events? Would the Pro vers be any different?

I feel the same way as the OP about Leo. Great for some things, poor for others. It says to submit feedback to click on the dots and there should be a “Help and Feedback Form” that can be filled out. But when I try that there is no form to fill out, only settings and options for conversation starts. Things like that.

Data it’s using is going to be quite old overall. They are working on getting all versions of Leo plugged into Brave Search and all, to fetch more real time data. They are constantly updating it right now with various bits of info, but there’s a lot of data out in the world. Kind of hard to expect its knowledge on everything to be kept updated without it having access to API for real time info. (which it doesn’t have at this time)

Ah! That makes sense. Again I am learning how this works, so this helps. Curious, is the pro version the same way?

Yeah, pretty much. None of it has real time data yet. It just can summarize pages we’re on and everything. It’s kind of in an unofficial beta. They just had done a big feedback round a couple months ago where they gave some of the more active users codes for a free month of Premium in exchange for us writing a report on our experiences after.

Luke and others at Brave said feedback was quite handy and that we were all using AI different than they had thought. Especially was shocked to learn how much priority was more on real time data. So this is something they are working on improving.

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Leo will constantly get better with updates over time.