How can i withdraw money from uphold to my indian bank

I want to withdraw my money from uphold to indian Bank account
Uphold not support indian bank


You can’t. India is not supported by Uphold.

@vikramsomai Like Uphold, there are exchanges in India like WazirX, CoinDCX etc. You can create your account with them, link your bank account and then transfer BAT from Uphold. To avoid high transaction fee at Uphold, you can convert it to XRP and then transfer it to your account in Indian exchange.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 INR at WazirX and 500 INR at CoinDCX (you can withdraw only to your linked bank account). I have a refferal code worth 100 INR on CoinDCX, if you are interested.

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Sure thank you
Can i link uphold with visa card

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Visa card support or not on uphold

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