How can I withdraw BAT, I am residing in India

Please help me how to withdraw or get payout.

You can’t, not yet. Just have to keep waiting for them to open support to your region again.

If you’re speaking of Creators (which is where you made this topic), then you’ll get your final payout here soon as long as you had been connected before. Nothing special for you to do except wait for it to arrive. But if your Creators wasn’t connected, then you’ll not be able to connect or receive payment until support is added again.


I am a Creator, even there I couldn’t get payout.

I said if it is still connected. You didn’t answer that.

Then I also said it’s coming. Didn’t say it already paid. Creators payouts is around the 13th, sometimes delayed to about the 17th.

So not quite sure what you’re referencing when you say you couldn’t get payout.

I mean, if you hadn’t been verified/linked to Uphold via your Creator’s account long ago, then you’ll not have access until India is added again.

That said, if you think there’s been an issue regarding pay related to Creator’s, then you need to create a Creator’s Support Ticket

I have a creator’s account and it is connected to uphold. I also see some BATs in it, will I get those BATs when this month’s creators payout starts? or I’ll have to wait until the Uphold support in India is restored?

Currently, this is what I see in my creator’s account:

@Sidd Yeah, they are showing that notification for people as a warning and to apply on what’s coming for the future. Others had shared concerns about that so I had Chriscat respond. He verified that whatever was in the Creators accounts will be paid out, but then no tips will be able to be received and no further payouts until they add the region again.

Thank you for the clarification. I’m still a bit confused because of these 2 different statements:

Can make a lot of assumptions, but I would wager new information came out and things changed. The information I shared is newer information and was put our information and was put out on both Reddit and Twitter.

While they technically could choose to close things off and not pay, it wouldn’t look good. This is especially true if they gave no advance notice. So after some discussion seems should be paying everything out to clear Creators for earnings they had up until that announcement you shared.

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Hello! Please, check DM, sent you a question

@Sidd @Sumanths1312 Guys If your are India, We Gotta WAIT ! Until they consider adding India back into the supported regions of Custodial accounts ( Creator accounts linked with Uphold ). We got no other work around this time ;-;

I have a question for you @Saoiray, Why do Brave work in a way of connecting to uphold or some shitty exchanges to send when they have a own wallet of own. I’ve been using Brave for about 2years. Never touched the brave inbuilt crypto wallet myself. Instead of uphold or other exchanges and making stuff complicated, why cant they just send BAT to inbuilt wallet. @steeven

For reason that’s been answered for a long time. I’ll quote below, but link is

BAT Rewards come in the form of virtual BAT (vBAT) until you verify with an exchange. When you verify with an exchange, your vBAT gets deposited there and converted to real BAT. The step for going to an exchange is required for AML/KYC reasons. We’re looking at the decentralization process for Brave ads rewards as part of Themis

Brave Wallet is a self custody wallet and therefore we cannot currently pay to it for the user rev-share for ads. We would need to KYC/AML your address and may also need a money transmitter license to do so.

For tipping, we are planning to implement on-chain P2P tipping. There are some things to work through including high Ethereum gas fees and no anonymity on Ethereum. After we have Solana support we will likely add this pretty quickly.

Some of that hasn’t worked out. But other changes are on the way. Such as Brave has announced they are putting Rewards into Wallet early next year. They still will require an exchange so they can meet KYC/AML requirements and keep information safe, but there’s also some expansions coming. For example, discussion of Solana BAT, but not sure of all those details yet. Also, they announced new custodial partner is in the works, where they are finalizing agreements and getting the systems set up.

TL:DR = Government regulations, privacy, and cost is why. New custodial partner(s) should be coming sometime soon (they say soon, but means sometime within the next 12 months, lmao)


Appreciate your response, I didn’t know about this earlier (vBAT → BAT).
I hope they work along with SOL for speed and fees, make some improvements and also work on getting into exchanges like kucoin or binance. Thanks :star_struck:

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