Country unsupported but today I receive bat tokens

I am from India .currently which is under unsupported country . But today I received bat token from my creator rewards.

And from 23 days my Uphold account is under review :sob:
uphold won’t give me my bat tokens :slightly_smiling_face:

Correct, if you’d seen and read the announcements, they said one more payment coming. So you got your last one today. Now from here on out you will no longer show as a Verified Creator to anyone, won’t receive tips, and won’t receive anymore payouts until the region is supported again in the future.

That’s nothing Brave can help you with. You’ll need to speak to Uphold and get that handled.

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So the payment process is already started… my account today no more being processing but talking about december next… and being ex-connected to Gemini it means never. I knew it, even said it in an early oct post: prepare to have your creator disconnected like the rewards profile. just thought (after all the assurances) this month would be the last to pay, and from what I read here users in unsupported regions from months (India) getting paid, meanwhile my account still says connected and look to december that won’t be, forgetting of just this one. bah

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