how can I transfer the cryptos to binance ?

I need to know how to do that. I think I already tried everything but I still can´t.
I bought eth to fill the gas tax but it keeps saying that its not enough. I dont know what to do anymore.

Hey @Ricardo18. What are you trying to transfer and are you making sure you have the proper token for gas? For example, I see you mention ETH but is whatever you’re trying to send on Ethereum or a different network?

Part of what has confused people before is that things they had in their Wallet was on Optimism and they saw they needed ETH, but they bought Ethereum ETH instead of Optimism ETH. By not getting the correct ETH, they never had enough gas. It wasn’t until they bought the ETH on Optimism that it finally allowed them to send.

So are you looking enough at things like that? Other thing to consider is if you’re trying to send ETH and it’s telling you not enough gas, then you might be making the mistake of trying to send 100% of your ETH. You must reduce the amount sent to leave behind enough ETH that will pay for the gas.

Hello Saoiray. I can´t buy ETH Optimism with the three methods of payment. This type of ETH doesn’t exist on those platforms, so I can’t pay the gas tax.

If you could help me do that I would appreciate it.

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