How can I remove links to articles about me dating back to 2003?

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Description of the issue:

When I search my name in Brave, I get links to news articles dating back to 2003. Articles that I have had Google remove links to, but they are appearing on Brave. How do I go about getting these links removed on Brave? The issue is that these articles are coming up before my social media feeds or linked in page etc. So they are not helpful and they relate to a sex discrimination case in 2003 which I do not want to be discussing 19 years later!

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Version 1.44.101 Chromium

Operating System:

macOS Big Sur Version 11.5.1

Removing links from Google or Brave will not help you if those articles are still online and visible. Any other search engine will find them.

Maybe you could try to find a way of asking to remove the articles from the source.