How can I make Brave Search successful

Hello. Since Brave has its own independent index I support this project versus privacy invading search indexes. I was wondering how can I help make this project succeed. I am already subscribed Brave Search user

You’re already doing it! Use the search engine, provide feedback for us here and subscribe if you have the ability/desire to.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

may I ask how does it benefit the project if I use Brave Search? because I use adblocker. I thought every search without ads will cost you money

I simply mean that using our product is a way of supporting it in and of itself and you’re more than welcome to use your ad blocker while using Search :slight_smile:

Paying 3 bucks a month for Brave Search Premium is a good way to support the project – I do it myself. And I constantly recommend Brave Browser and Brave Search to friends and colleagues.