YouTube dowloading - follow up


I didn’t see how one replies to a reply to one of my posts on this forum.

They mentioned using the same extension another browser uses but I don’t use that other browser.

I’m trying to ascertain how one downloads a YouTube video using the Brave browser?

Are others using a 3rd party YouTube downloader instead of a Brave add-on or extension?

Thank you.

Hi @eager,

I see the other topic you posted about YouTube.
Brave is compatible with nearly all the extensions offered in the chrome web store.

If you want to download a youtube video you can use an extension:

Or you can use a website to download them.

For downloading youtube vids, using vlc will always just work. Takes a little extra work, but I haven’t found an extension for chrome-based browsers that actually work… I haven’t actually looked though either in a long time…

Random how-to vid

Hi megasoaz,

I’ve tired downloading with VLC Media Player but it hasn’t worked on some YouTube videos. I don;t use Chrome - only Brave and FF. Has anyone enjoyed success with any 3P You Tube downloader? With Brave? With FF? With Chromium browser? Thank you!

I myself use firefox for slurping youtube vids using this addon. Seems to work as I just slurped a SNL vid in high def…

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