Extension to download videos in brave

Why Brave can not link extensions to download videos. Tha is why I am not ready to use Brave, as my primary browser. I will be great to download extension as in Firefox.

Are you looking for an extension to download videos with Brave? Since Brave with Chromium you can download extensions from the Chrome Store.

Just download the latest Brave version from brave.com/download (Updater in the old version doesn’t support the update yet) and visit the Chrome Store:

I guess now you can use Brave as your primary browser? :slight_smile:

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As @MediaBird suggested, if you’re using our newer Brave builds, try downloading and installing an extension that performs the task you need in Brave. Let me know which one you used and if it works.

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I tried several programs to download videos and none worked. I keep on getting a message that chrome does not allow to down load videos from YouTube, unlike Firefox. What do you suggest? Thank you.

Ah, I see what’s happening.
This is because Google has prohibited any Web Store extension from providing functionality for downloading Youtube videos .

This means that there likely won’t be any extensions on the CWS that will allow you to do this. However, there are several that will allow you to download videos that play on other domains. If you need the extension to work on Youtube, you’ll have to find some independently hosted 3rd party software (Note: I am not recommending that you do and if you decide to please exercise caution and read carefully what it is the extension you’re installing is allowed to do/access on your machine).

Hope this helps.

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