Horizontal scrolling still doesn't work (logitech)

Forgive me, but I could not find a way to re-open an existing issue on this here:

Description of Issue
Identical to the existing issue linked above, where horizontal scrolling does not work with a Logitech mouse.

Following the directions in the marked answer (disabling Device Recognition and Hardware Acceleration) initially fixes the issue, but upon restarting brave horizontal scrolling breaks again.

Any Brave developers have a logitech mouse they can test with? The previous thread implies horizontal scrolling on trackpads work fine, but Logitech devices fail for some reason.

Hi @bguscott, welcome to Community!

I noticed you said:

Do you happen to have clearBrowserData on exit enabled?

Also, When you’re disabling Device Recognition are you doing it through the settings or from the Shields icon next to the address bar?

Thanks for the reply, Aa-ron!

I do not have clearBrowserData on exit enabled.

I’ve disabled Device Recognition from the settings and not the Shields icon. I’ve set it to “Allow all”.

When I try horizontal scrolling on a site it initially works (for a split second) but then stops, implying that it’s still getting blocked.

To confirm, I also have hardware acceleration disabled.

Are there any logs I can enable/send that would be of use?

Can you provide an example site for us to test the horizontal scrolling?

Google sheets is a good example.

Otherwise, search for “horizontal scroll test” could work too. Every web site with a horizontal scroll doesn’t work.