Hi! Sneaky here. Want to get more into WEB3 and NFTs

Hi, Reason im posting this, is becouse I kinda feel safe in this community. everyone here who hear about crpty know about the new world era is about to get normalised for us. so I was wondering if anyone here can show me the way into web3 and NFTs world?
like a book or website or a video i can watch for educational matters. I just want to jump on the wave with all of you guys :smile:

have a great sunday everyone and stay blessed.

Hye, I’m like you before… wanted to know about the new technology about crypto world. (NFTs, DeFi, DEX, etc). I can share with you channels that I watched to learn it.

On Youtube:

  1. Whiteboard Crypto
  2. Hashoshi
  3. Coin Bereau
  4. Bitboy Crypto
  5. Stephen Graham
  6. Ivan on Tech

Try to watch their videos. Maybe you can take a grasp about cryptocurrency, DeFi and web3.

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some of them are really big creatores… kinda scared they promote often.

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