Help with a Brave Flag!

Hi community,

I’m facing an issue in Brave recently, when i click in Brave Shield or Rewards icon that are inside the window bar it crashes the browser and i figured it out that this flag Extensions Toolbar Menu is causing this issue and i was waiting for this to be fixed but it still alive and crashing all the time!

Hi @beratgashi - can you provide a bit more info? What OS and Brave version are you on? Just to confirm, every time that you click on the shields icon the browser crashes?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @steeven - i’m using macOS Catalina 10.15 and the latest version of Brave, yes that’s true this happens all the time by clicking the Shield or Rewards button and only when i activate the following flag Extensions Toolbar Menu

Hi @steeven - i also just found a new bug i installed the Brave Community app and then i clicked Uninstall in the app popup it also crashes and does not uninstall the app!

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