Help to withdraw my BAT now

any one who wants to help me withdraw may Brave rewards … i will give a price Bat also… please contact me

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set up a Gemini account, verified wallet and send! You can then earn Interest of 3.5% on your BAT rewards from Gemini! Also as new Gemini user you get 5 Free Bat for linking account to brave —after that automatically they go each month

but i dont know how to process gemini account …very risky

i verry confusing regarding of my balance in my brave rewards… why i cant withdraw? i already connect it all…

gemini isnt risky…all you need to do is open account, link and verifiy wuth BAT browser-and then automatically they trasnfer each month! then on gemini earn you can earn 3.5%

i try gemini …but i cant get verified :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

my bat is sotck since 2020…:sob::sob:

is it in your ballet wallet in browser–couldnt you just send to another digital wallet? then to somewhere to swap or sell them

brave always saying PAYMENT IN PROGRESS… what does it mean?

The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.

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