[Help me] Install Brave on Debian Stretch 64 bit

Hi good evening,

I’m trying to install Brave on Debian Stretch. I’ve tried it in every possible way. I succeeded when installing via Snap. Worked perfectly.

But since there is no official support for Snap, I want to install it another way.

Every time I get the command “sudo apt install brave” I get the following message:

E: Unable to locate brave package

I’ve also tried these other commands below, but I get the same error message.

sudo apt install brave-keyring brave-browser

sudo apt install brave-browser-release

sudo apt install brave-stretch

Someone can help me?

Hi, I’m not familiar with Linux, have you read this article anyway?

Thanks friend but I already did it.

Could you post your solution here? :penguin:

Here it is! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am trying to install on Debian Buster, and can’t find any mention of Debian in the Linux install page. (Somewhat surprises me as I saw a reference to Debian reproducible builds in the intro stuff???)

I may be overly paranoid (I’m here aren’t I :nerd_face: ) But I am not real comfortable w/ Fred’s tutorial…

Is there some simpler method than this, like adding a repository through Synaptic and using it’s normal package install functions?


Debian is mentioned on the official Linux installation page. But strangely, Debian is only mentioned when it refers to uninstallation. I also did not understand why, either.

Take a look at the user comment “rook2pawn”. He was able to install Brave on Debian Buster.

I changed my tutorial, you also can try it.

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