HELP! i will Transfer My Bat and send me through Google Pay

Briefly describe your issue:

Im in a unsupported region(india). i need someones uphold account(only from USA People). I’ll transfer my bat to them and they have to send me amount through Google pay.

Well no one can do that. Since first of all no one can connect from a non Indian region as you will get region mismatch. Also Brave is totally against this.

what should i do bro?
i cannot create a uphold or gemini account because of unsupported region
by april i should link up with an account orelse ill loose my bat

Nothing can be done at the moment and until Brave supports India somehow, like bring India back in Uphold (Highly Unlikely about happening soon since new accounts cannot be made in India anymore). Gemini has other problems therefore at the moment only supporting US.
Hopefully, Brave will be adding the new custodial partner before the sunsetting of vBAT.

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