HELP -> I have not received my payments for 3 months @steeven

I have since 09/30/2020 10:22:15 that I create my wallet and I have not been able to receive my payments

I have written to you on more than one occasion by dm and you have not answered me anything.
I have done everything you have asked me for photos, screenshots, wallet information, all waiting for a solution or a response and nothing.
If at least they gave an answer to one, so it is a false one, one would stop bothering but it is that nothing

we have the same problem…still no reply for me.sad

same here Brave Rewards stuck since August

يجيب ارسل البريد الاكتروني
ًوكلمت السر
الدعم الفني يرحب بكم
ارسلها هنا سوفا اتحقق من معلموهات

Hi @ELsy, thanks for your patience. I missed your DM and have now replied directly to it.